Sunday, April 24, 2016

What a Week - 20 October 2014

First thank you so much for the fast response to my cry for help!  Everything worked out great. WE made it Itapeva without a problem!
Last Tuesday I got to give my first training to my district!! haha it went very well. I prayed s hard that everything would work out. I know that the lord was helping me. I felt the spirit so strong and all the others elders were feeling it too as we practiced how to ask inspired questions and listen to the investigators! The spirit was so strong and at least I learned a lot haha
I don't know if I told you about our German, but he told us that he did not want to continue going to church but he said that he wanted to be baptized!! yaeeee!! I told him that it doesn't work that way. When you are baptized you have to stay in the church!! For some reason he just didn't like that idea!! I was just trying to be calm and understand his point of view but in the end he said that he was not ready to be 'tied up by so many rules!"
I told him about your story about the Kite and the string and what happens if you cut the string but he still just didn't want to make the commitment. So we left.... very sad... hahah but we are still good friends and I was glad just to get to know him!!
This week we have been having a lot of problems getting investigators to progress. David and Suali dropped us after going to church on Sunday. It was really sad but we did not let it get us down for too long. WE just kept talking to everyone. After two days of work and having nothing happen we started getting frustrated. haha, but the next day at lunch with the president of the branch here we got a referral of a family that has been friends with them for awhile. We passed by yesterday for the second time and shared the video of the restoration!!!
THE SPIRIT WAS SO STRONG!! after we talked about what happened and about the Book of Mormon!! They said that after the prayed they knew that it was true!!! So we went straight to baptism!!! and marked the entire family for the 8th of November!!!!! they still have to come to church but they are such a cool family!!! I'LL get a picture of them this week for you guys!
And yes here I have been horrible with taking pictures but I will send a ton for you guys next week!!!
As well we are working with GILMAR!  He is very excited to be baptized and is working hard on keeping the word of wisdom!! please just keep praying for these people!!
On Saturday we had a little surprise!! My companion got an infection in his bladder or urinary track so at about 11:00 am we raced to SOROCCABA to go to the hospital, took about 2 hours to get their on the bus! and ended up not getting back to our area until 9:30 at night! so yes we had to use a lot of our emergency money to take the bus and buy his prescriptions but we are going to be reimburse!  But today Elder Gonzales is back to health!!! with lots of medicine!!
Well I love you all so much!!! I promise next week ill have more pictures!!!
                                  love Elder Jacobson

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