Sunday, April 17, 2016

Visiting the Rich - 15 Sept 2014

Hello everyone!!!!
This was the hottest week of my life!!! haha 95 to 100 in a white shirt and tie is such a blessing. haha right Andrew!!! haha. and then I just had to laugh when I heard about Brealynns mission call because my zone leader from last transfer is from their and it does get very hot!! but Elder Brito that is from joã pessoa is always telling us how much he loves his home and how beautiful it is. He says it looks like the united States!! haha. Elder Brito is one of my best friends on the mission and if the people are anything like him Brealynn, you are going to love them so much!!! but I'm sure you are going to love them no matter what.
This week me and Elder Alvis tried something a little new. I have to admit that he is ``dying´´ so we have to come up with some other tracking activities to make it a lot more fun!! haha and it worked like a charm to help us stay more excited and keep feeling the spirit even when the day is not going so well!!
So this week we decided to preach to the rich people!! haha. We have one area here that is very rich and has the reputation of not very receptive. But we new that their had to be someone ready. so after our lunch. we went to this area and started talking to everyone on the streets, in their yards, everyone!!  and sadly everyone said..... NÃO!! BUT  that didn't matter we just kept going and going.... and going..... until finally we hit THE BIGGEST HOUSE ON THE BLOCK!!! HOLY COW you would not believe the size of this house. I was tempted to take a picture, but I didn't.
we rang the doorbell and waitted.... and waitted.. and waitted. My companion started to turn away and I said joking-wait it always takes rich people longer to get to the door because they have a lot of ground to cover...haha
We waited just a little longer and then we heard someone messing this the lock on the door!!! yes!
when he saw us we didn't even have to say anything. he just said ELDERS COM IN COM IN!!!
We went into this huge house and talked with this sweet old man for about an hour!! he was telling us that he had already talked many times with the missionaries and loved what we were doing trying to help people.  He told us about the work that him and his son do for free to help people with cancer and today we went to his work and got a tour!!
We haven't even shared a message or anything with him but I can tell that they are feeling the spirit, and many times it works better to just be friends to the people.  We marked a day to visit them again!!
Also this week we got to work with IGILSON who was a referral from the ward. He had already been to church and we got to talk to him yesterday!! The lesson was awesome.. One of the best we have had here in campao bonito!!! We marked again for next sunday and pray that he goes to church again!!!!
Tomorrow I will be going with our Zone leader Elder Carney to a new part of our area that is about 30 min. away using the bus! We are going to be visiting a lot of members that we have there and looking for a lot of new people with the president of the branch! I am very excited to go and see what we can do in this new area!!! Today after getting a good rest my companion said ` elder we are going to work so hard these next few weeks!!! ´ and ow yes we will!!! haha im am so excited to see what the lord has in store for us!!!
I love you all so much!!!!
congrats Brealynn one more time!!!!!!!!
have a great week everyone!!!!!!
                                                          ELDER BRYAN JACOBSON!!!! 

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