Sunday, April 24, 2016

Divisions - 27 October 2014

This week has been a great week of self evaluation and growth. looking at what I'm doing good, looking at what needs improvement and making new goals to be better!!
This week we had interviews with President Farns!!! AWESOME! Such a great president we have. I talked a lot about what is happening in our area. How my district is and how Elder Gonzales is doing.  He gave me some great advise and we made some goals to keep getting better and better.
Then we had our district meeting!! Someone told president about my training from last week and so president wanted to know what I did. So he stayed and I gave a training in front of him!! NO PRESURE!!!!!!  It went well haha
Then I got to go on divisions with elder J. Silva here in Capoa bonito!! WE worked so hard and got to see some of the problems we are having here!!!

It was a lot of fun but we are not having a lot of success here!! The ward is not liking what is happening and no one likes the president of the branch! so we are having some problems getting members to come to church so that they can help our investigators.

Every time we have investigators in the church, they don't like it because the members are all dead and don't even say hi or smile!!! aiaia!!
Yesterday we had MICHEL and NABILA at church with us!!!! haha it was awesome how we got them there!! They said that they would come alone and so we trusted them and went to get Gilmar! But when we went to Gilmar's house, he was sleeping and refused to come to church with us!!! So we left and went to church to find tat MICHEL AND NABILA  had not come!! So what did we do!! hahaha

We went and woke them up to bring them ourselves!!!! hahahah We woke them up when we clapped at the gate!! and they said OW WE SLEPT IN!!!! HAHAH  we went in and waited for them to get ready!! an hour latter we went to church!!!! hahah we are going to go talk to them tonight to see how they liked it!!
they are awesome and I just know we are going to baptize them!!!!
well I have to go write and email to president!!! but I love you all so much have a great week!!! and I'll talk to you next week!!!!
                               Elder Jacobson (Bryan)

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