Sunday, April 17, 2016

Traveling - 1 Sept 2014

Well this week was a different week being that we spent a lot of the week traveling to conferences. This week we had a meeting with one the members of the 70, Elder kites. so After we traveled back home from our district meeting we had a late lunch and then our entire district gathered at our house in capao bonito. from their we traveled 3 hours on  a bus to SOROCABA!! How i had missed this place. this was were i had district meetings in my second area!!! It was so cool to get to return. We arrived at elders house there about 6pm. There was about 16 elders that all met at their house!! fun fun!!
That night we all went out to eat at an all you can eat pizza house!!! I ate 17 pieces of pizza!! haha. and no i have not gotten fat yet!! haha but i did start doing a lot of exercise after that night. 
The next day we had out meeting with Elder Kites!! 
It was pretty sweet: 

First president Farns and sister Farns gave a cool lesson about the Plan od Salvation and how we as missionaries need to be teaching everyone the plan of salvation so that they know why they need to apply the gospel principles to their lives. It as a very powerful lesson about the eternal effects of the work that we are doing here. 
Then Sister farns, who is still having a very hard time with portuguese shared a story and bore here testimony of the plan of salvation. She is awesome and i know that she is just suffering right now but she is going to be so awesome here in a few months. Her testimony is so powerful and you can just tell that she loves the lord more then anything else on the face of this earth. 
President and sister farns talked about how they have been so blessed and it is because they have always put the lord first in all that they do. 

Second Elder Kites gave a talk on diligence and then talked about how we can receive personal revelation!!! 
Never before have i thought about first nephi chapter 1 and 2 in such a way before. 
As a family tonight, go back and read these two chapters and see if you can notice the patterns of how Lehi received the visions and instructions that he received. 
It is the key to how we all can receive revelations in our own lives each and every day!!!! 

When we finally got home from all this it was late thursday night so we just went straight to our house and slept. I was so tired because i was not able to sleep at all the night before because it was so hot in the house we stayed in.

After the conference and a great nights sleep me and my companion were excited to apply what we learned to our work. we tried to get in contact with all of our investigators but not a single one was home.:( then we went to the person that we had a baptism date marked and we caught him hiding from us:(:( It was such a frustrating day!! 

The next day we new that we needed to find all new people so we started again talking to EVERY SINGLE PERSON WE SAW!!! sadly everyone said no. and that ended saturday.

then on sunday we got up and ready to go to church. We had left some notes with some investigators that we didn't get in contact with to be sure to go to church. When we got to church we waited but none came and they lived way to far away to try and go get them. 
so then me and Elder Alves thought of a great idea!! 


We stood outside the church on both sides of the road and invited every person that passed by to come and visit THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST!!!! 
we got two people to come to church with us for one hour but then they left and said they had to go do something. but we got their addresses and they happily said they would like us to come visit their houses!!! hahah. It was the best time i had doing street contacts on my mission!!! hahah!!!

Well that about sums up what happened this week!!! and another great week to come!! 


                                                   Love, Elder Jacobson (B

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