Sunday, April 24, 2016

Getting Hot - 3 November 2014

What a crazy week!!! I am so tired so I'm going to write this and then go get some sleep!!!

The sun is getting really hot so me and my companion are having a great time out in the sun!!! I am so glad that I got to live a few weeks in Texas because I really think it helped me get used to the heat. Elder Gonzales is dying hahah. I think its a lot colder at his house!! haha

But this week for us started of really rough!! not a single person was letting us talk to them!! so we decided we were going to talk to EVERYONE!!! and so we started after lunch and did not let a single person pass!! hahaha it was a lot of fun!! we talked to over one hundred people each day!! sadly very few were willing to let us enter their houses and then mark a day to come back!! haha BUT  it was still a lot of fun..... I thought..  But then that night my companion told me he wanted to be transferred!!!

WE laughed so hard that night and were feeling much better afterward!! Its funny because Elder Gonzales is going to be staying here 6 months. and is already a little frustrated with the area!! So WE just made a plan to talk with even more people and made a plan to better out efforts to try and get more people to say yes!!
Also we have thought a lot about our purpose and we as well did notice that our purpose is not to BAPTISE but to INVITE!! SO  we realized how many people we had invited and realized that we were accomplishing our purpose!!!
Got a lot of pictures for you guys and I have others that I'll send  you that are on my other card next week!!! I am going to be in ITARARÉ tomorrow to do my first baptism interview!!! I'm really excited!! crazy!!!
Well I love you all so much!! sorry don't have that many stories to tell this week! just know that I love you all and I know that this gospel is true!! I know that we are preparing here on earth to enter the presence of GOD!  and that is not an easy process and it never will be!!! so just KEEP GOING!!! HAHA
                                                                LOVE elder JACOBSON Bryan

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