Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Picture Wee - 1 December 2014

this week I have a lot of pictures to send so you will get to see my week instead of read it!!!! 

1. these are some pictures of me making cookies for our district!! they turned out kind of hard but were really good still.

2. I went on divisions with Elder Aries before he got transferred. We celebrated his 1 year mark on the mission with pizza!! 

3. This is the frog that sister Ivete made for lunch:) haha jk 

4. the next few are pictures of the baby kittens that sister Ivete´s cat had. 

5. this is the mew puppy of sister Anna

6. this is the bus station that we use each week to get to district meeting each week!! 

7. this is me in Itapeva on divisions with Elder J.Silva!! sweet view!! 

8. and this is me on our bus!!! its really nice!!! 

9.This is elder Gonzales in the van when we were going to stake conference

10. members from Capoa bonito in the van with us

11. and the last ones are pictures of the big field that this city was named after!!    CAPÃO BONITO

Just have time to tell you about our lesson yesterday!!! 
We had a lesson with Aline, our investigator that got hit by the car and is having a very long recovery process. We taught Aline with Elenice, ( the sister that was in the van with us in the picture) We taught her the word of wisdom and are helping her to stop smoking and using drugs. the lesson was great and we set some goals to help her stop!! 

but then after the lesson one of Alines friends walked into the house!! 
We got to talk to her as well and it turns out that she has been looking for another church to go to and is just looking for a place that has the same moral standers as she does!! she doesn't smoke, drink, do drugs, nothing not even coffee!!!!! how perfect is that!! She was so excited about the prophet Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and we will be following up with her this week!!! And the great part is that she lives on our street so it will be easy to get her to come to church and to teach her quickly!! 

well my time is already up but I love you all so much!!! 

                                           Elder Bryan Jacobson

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