Sunday, October 2, 2016

First Week with Elder Flores AGAIN - 20 July 2015

This week has been awesome!!! I am loving working with Elder Flores again !!!! 
Its nice cuz I already know him so well that we don't have to adjust to anything we just got to hit the ground running like we did in Jd. California!!!! 
The first day of the transfer we made a goal to fast every other day!!! I knew that it would be a hard one for me but I was willing to give it a try. It was hard but I know that we were blessed by the lord. We WERE able to find two more people that wanted to be baptized. 
1.  A little old man that is always walking around the street. He is a little strange and he has stopped me many times and asked me to bless him. I have but I have never invited him to come to church.  I don't know why but this time I finally did. We took him to the chapel that very hour and le him see the chapel and the baptismal font. He loved it and wanted to be baptized that moment. 
He went to church on Sunday and we interviewed him to be baptized next week but sadly he has had  a rough  past life and  killed his wife!!!! So its going to be a while before he's baptized but he liked the church and will keep coming. aiaiai
2. Henrique: Henrique is Carol´s brother!!! He is cool but we were having a lot of trouble getting him to church to be baptized because he is to lazy get up in the morning, but this week I was determined to not leave until he was up and dressed!!! It went well. He was baptized yesterday but will be moving next week out of this ward so that was the sad part. 
I am determined to end my mission on fire!!!! DOING MORE AND BECOMING MORE THEN EVER BEFORE!!!  I love you all soo much!! Ill see you soon!! 
p.s I got my plain ticket today!!! 
26 de augusto 12:45 ill be with you all!!! 
      LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! 
love Elder Bjacobson

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