Sunday, October 2, 2016

Locura - 6 July 2015

This week I spent everyday again with a different Elder from the Zone!! Once again my companion wasn't here for Sunday. Our ward is going crazy because its the third week that he hasn't been here!! haha! They have almost forgotten who my companion is because I always get to church with a different companion!! haha 
The week was good and I was able to get everything done that I needed to get everyone to church and prepare for our baptisms, but Sunday was a huge test for me!!! 
After the entire week we had two people prepared to be baptized yesterday FRANÇE E HENIQUE.
FRANÇA: This woman has been through so much trying to receive the blessings of the gospel. I have been working with her for a month now and something always just gets in the way of her progress. Saturday night when we went to her house to follow up with her for the last time before CHRUCH (the big test) we had a great lesson with that spirit so strong you can barely breath right. She just started crying and crying and then bore her testimony of determination saying that she WOULD ENTER THAT WATER AND BE MADE FREE OF EVERYTHING! 
These are the best moments on the mission, when you have the opportunity to feel the spirit that strong! 
When we got to her house she had left early for the hospital. We called her and she said that she went and would go to church after because the hospital is close to the church. But she never showed up. At 5 we found her at her house and talked to her about her baptism but she was going to the hospital again because she was really sick!! So we remarked everything and helped her get to the hospital. Just praying that she comes out all right. Here the Brazilians say that you enter the hospital alive and leave dead! hahaha I thought that phrase was funny. Its way better in Portuguese but ok. 
HENRIQUE  fell through because we couldn't get him to wake up. He had stayed up until 5; 30 in the morning playing video games!!!!! And you wonder why he was sleeping like a rock when we got to his house!!!! But we got Anna Carolina to church to be confirmed so that was good!!! We got her to church right when bishop called her to the front!! It was something that happens in the movies!!!! hahah 
Today our president is taking my zone to go play paintball with his son that just got back from his mission in AFRICA!! I'm pumped!!! hahah I'm gonna get my but kicked but its going to be a lot of fun. Elder Aguirres (my companion) owned a paintball company before his mission so I'm going to stay on his team so I can tare it up with him!! haha (aka not die) hahaha. 
I love you all so much have a great week!!! 
love elder B. jACOBSON

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