Sunday, October 2, 2016

Week of Travel!! - 29 June 2015

Hello Everybody! Wow what a week! Everyday this week I have been to a different place. We spent the entire week doing a tour of our zone!! We went to a different area every morning and did a division and I brought the other missionary back to my area everyday this week!! Literally I have only seen my companion at night this entire week!! It has been nuts. But things are going well here! 

MONDAY: On P-Day we went to a place called BRÁS (note the accent) its a huge shopping center in the middle of Sao Paulo! My companion went looking for a new suit and I followed behind him. But I ended up winning when he gave me his other suit for free!! I got it sized and it looks awesome!! 
TUESDAY; we went to district meeting and it was kind of sad cuz two of our elders didn't show up. One is so trunky he just has completely shut down and doesn't even leave the house anymore. Its kind of sad cuz this guy was my zone leader and also was a secretary for the president. Its like I always try to tell my missionaries; that the end of the race is the most important part. its the moment when you have to give your all. For our training I shared a story of my cross country days!! haha. Then I went on a division and spent the day trying to find new investigators. 
I went on a division after lunch with Elder J. Lopes. We had some problems in the beginning of the transfer. One of the first things this guy said to me was that he wanted to marry my sister. I wont say which one. But I set him straight and we are working better together. Not exactly what I was expecting from my DL and it has been a struggle to keep a good relationship with him so that we can keep working. but I am learning and we worked everything out. I just stay calm and take everything as it comes. 
Today I was in my area with Elder Martint. I have known him for a long time and it was awesome working with him!! We found an ELEITA! that was baptized on Sunday and he has already been my zone leader so I got to get some nice tips on how to run the zone better. I started that day making some changes to the zone and helping our DL work better with us. Ill have a better idea of how these new ideas work out after this week. but this day was AWESOME! ill tell you more about our ELEITA latter. 
I got to go on a bus it MIAPORA this place is practically in the middle of the mountains. We took a bus ride about an hour to their area though the mountains. We went through a ton on tunnels and stuff!!It was a really cool bus ride. I had never been to this area before but I liked it a lot. Then when we got to their area I got back on the bus and took Elder Silva to my area and went back!! The bus took a lot of time and so we had to use our time wisely. We followed up with all our dates. 
Elder Messik and I got to work together Saturday and Sunday. We did not find new people but we did get to follow up with all our dates and we got everyone ready to go to church. this is always the hard part, leaving everyone strong to go to church the next day. but we got to follow up with everyone and got some time to go look for new people but we didn't find anyone. 
SUNDAY: with elder MESSIK 
We woke up early to go get everyone. A lot of people fell through but I'll tell you about the two miracles we had. Miracle one: FRANCE CAME TO CHURCH! we have been working on her for a long time. Her son was baptized and not her because she always works. But she went yesterday and liked it a lot. 
Then when we got to our Eleitas house ANA CARILINA, SHE was dressed and waiting on us to go to church!!! That never happens. She went and met all the young women. she loved it and since she had already been to church she decided to be baptized that same day after church!!! It was such a blessing!!!! The lord prepared her and now we are going to help the rest of her family!!  The ward was so excited about her!! She even said that she was going to bring a friend to church next week!!! 
Sorry again I don't have pictures because I just got back from VILA MARIA THIS MORNING AND  did not have my camera with me to send all the pictures from the week so I'll get them to you next week!! 
             Love you all so much!! 
           See you soon!! 
                             love Elder B Jacobson

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