Sunday, October 2, 2016

Back To Where I Started - 22 June 2015

This week was such a great a crazy week!!! 
On Thursday I got to go back to my very first area VILA MARIA! It was such a great feeling. Coming back the second time everything didn't look as big as it did two years ago. As I was sitting on the same bus going onto Vila Maria I took the advantage to remember all the things that I had been through and all the things that I have come to learn at this time here in Brazil. But the feeling that came over me the strongest was the great feeling of love that my father in heaven has for me. I know that the lord has always been by my side. I got here in Brazil and just worried so much, but I know that I never had a reason to worry so much!! 
This week I also got sick and ended up throwing up in the bus trashcan. We almost made it off the bus in time but it didn't happen. I was sick before I got on the bus but we were going to the Cartorio to help investigators get married so I did my best to hold it in but the dumpy bus did not help much.. haha but we made it to the Cartorio without a problem and stopped to get some medicine on the way. It was a strong medication and made me so tired!! but I made it home and made it through the day working so that was good. Then on Saturday my companion got sick with the same thing. haha so its been great!!! 
My companion left the area on Friday morning  and did not come back until Sunday night!!! I don't know why he thinks he has to do all the interviews but he doesn't let me help. haha but it was nice to have three days in my area. In the end, yesterday we had a lot of difficulties and got no one to church. That was sad but we are going to destroy this week!! hahah 
I love you all so much!!! I know that this is were I need to be! 
Daniel we are all praying for you and love you!!! 
                    ATÉ MAIS FAMILIA!!!

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